Apple's iCloud Mail service is currently down

Multiple users have noted the outage on Twitter and the like.

What you need to know

  • Apple's iCloud Mail service is down currently.
  • Apple has confirm that there is an ongoing outage that may mean the service is unavailable to some.

Apple has confirmed its iCloud Mail service is currently down, and that an ongoing issue is affecting users.

Apple's system status website states:

iCloud Mail - Issue Today, 2:30 PM - ongoing

Some users are affected

This service may be slow or unavailable.

No other Apple services appear to be affected at this time. Apple has not specified what the issue is, but we know that it is aware of the problem and likely working on a fix. Unfortunately we don't have a timeframe for when the issue might be resolved.

It should be noted Apple says the issue is only affecting some users, so there's a good chance you might not be affected!

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