AppleCare+ Theft and Loss comes to UK, Australia

You can now pay Apple for a new one if you lose your iPhone, or it's stolen...

What you need to know

  • AppleCare+ is expanding its Theft and Loss coverage.
  • You can now get the extra coverage in the UK and Australia.
  • It means you can pay Apple an excess to replace a phone that has been stolen or misplaced.

AppleCare+ now offers Theft and Loss coverage in the UK and Australia.

As noted by The Apple Post, you can now protect devices like the iPhone 13, now Apple's best iPhone, with AppleCare+ that includes Theft and Loss Coverage in Australia, and the UK.

The offer is already available in Japan and the United States, and as the name suggests, it lets you pay Apple an excess for a lost or stolen device like an insurance policy would. The new cover will cost £11.99 a month in the UK (£239 a year), and in Australia, it's $15.99 a month ($319). The excesses are £109 and $229 respectively. AppleCare+ already includes instances for accidental damage, and Apple has even reduced the cost of replacing cracked back glass on the iPhone to just $29 with AppleCare+.

Apple announced its new iPhone at the Apple event on Tuesday alongside the Apple Watch Series 7, iPad mini 6, and iPad. The new iPhone and iPad mini feature Apple's A15 Bionic chip, whilst the Apple Watch brings a slightly tweaked design, as does the iPad, which also gets a new processor.