Apple will donate money to help Hurricane Ida relief and recovery efforts

Apple CEO Tim Cook has today tweeted that his thoughts are with "everyone in Hurricane Ida's path" and went on to say the company will be "donating to relief and recovery efforts on the ground."

Hurricane Ida made landfall over the weekend and has battered Louisiana ever since.

Tim Cook's tweets didn't say how much Apple will be donating to the relief efforts and the company did not immediately respond to a request for clarification.

More than one million homes are currently without power, according to President Biden, with it likely to take weeks before supplies are restored. A major disaster has been declared, with the BBC noting that will allow extra funds to be released to aid rescue and recovery efforts throughout the state.

It made landfall on Sunday south of New Orleans as a category four hurricane - meaning it would cause severe damage to buildings, trees and power lines. As it moves inland, Ida's winds have dropped to 95mph (153km/h), meaning it is now a category one storm.