Apple Watch band supply dries up ahead of rumored Series 7 release

Apple's Milanese Loop and Leather Loop are quite hard to find...

What you need to know

  • A new Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to debut next week.
  • Ahead of launch several Apple Watch straps are unavailable.
  • It comes as rumors indicate the display size of the watch may change, as well as the bands themselves.

With the Apple Watch Series 7 reportedly just days away, the supply of Apple's Watch bands is starting to dry up.

As noted by 9to5Mac:

Several Apple Watch bands are now listed as unavailable on Apple's online store, and we're seeing a shortage of them in Apple retail stores. This usually happens around the time of a band collection refresh, but this time feels a bit different.

9to5 reports that Apple's Milanese Loop, Saddle Brown Leather Loop, and varieties of the Leather Link and Modern Buckle bands are all difficult to find. Furthermore, it reports that Apple's Sport band, Solo Loop, Sport Loop, and Braided Solo Loop are also out of stock in stores.

The news comes following reports and a couple of leaks suggesting that Apple is planning to change the size of the Apple Watch Series 7's displays to 41mm and 45mm respectively, selling bands in corresponding sizes as it has always done. Whilst one rumor has suggested the old bands may not fit Apple's new watch, this seems unlikely given the small change in size, and more likely Apple is simply letting the supply of its older bands run out before it replaces them with the new-sized bands.

According to reports, the very small size adjustment could add 16% extra display real estate to the new Apple Watch, which will replace the Apple Watch Series 6 as the best Apple Watch currently available.

Some of the best Apple Watch bands are still available through third-party retailers including Amazon. Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone 13 at its event next week alongside a new Apple Watch and AirPods 3, meaning we don't have long to wait to find out what exactly Apple's next Watch has in store.