Apple sends notifications to iPhone 13 buyers reminding them to 'get ready'

What you need to know

  • Apple has begun to send notifications to iPhone 13 buyers, reminding them to get ready for their new handset.
  • A settings page has also appeared in the Settings app.
  • Tapping through has users set up iCloud for data backups.

Apple wants to make sure everyone had iCloud data management enabled.

Apple has begun to send notifications to buyers of iPhone 13 handsets, reminding them to "get ready" for their new devices. A new page in the Settings app also takes users to the same page.

That new page is all about getting data off of existing iPhones and onto Apple's servers via iCloud. I tapped through and was told that my device was already set up to use iCloud — all I need to do now is wait for my new iPhone 13 Pro Max. People with iCloud backups and iCloud Photos enabled will likely be promoted to turn those features on.

This is the first time I've seen these notifications and it's interesting that Apple is keen to push iPhone users towards iCloud rather than create a full backup via their Mac or PC. Apple has long been rumored to have plans to create a port-free iPhone and ditching Lightning would require a backup strategy with iCloud at its center. The best iPhone backup solution is one you don't need to think about, something iCloud very much has going for it.

The new iPhones are all available for pre-order now with those who were quick placing orders set to receive them on September 24. Those who weren't might have a little wait depending on the specific model they require.