Apple rolls out new Apple Music playlists

They accompany a new Apple Music Voice plan.

What you need to know

  • This week Apple announced new Apple Music playlists and a new Voice-only plan.
  • New playlists offer tracks on demand for any situation.
  • A new report says there are over 250 new options.

Apple has rolled out over 250 new playlists to Apple Music, following an announcement alongside a new Apple Music tier at the MacBook Pro (2021) event earlier this week.

As reported by MacStories:

The playlists have begun showing up on Apple Music, so last night, Federico and I began searching the streaming service to see what's new. What we found was over 250 playlists each designed to fit a mood or activity that use animated cover art with simple line drawings to set them apart from Apple's other playlist. Although they were announced as Siri playlists during the event on Monday, anyone with an Apple Music subscription can view and play the new playlists in the Music app like any other playlist in the service's collection.

As the report notes, there is no directory of playlists or any filters to track them down, you just have to find them by asking Siri. This is in part due to the fact that these new playlists complement an all-new voice-only plan for Apple Music, as announced earlier this week. From Apple:

Apple today announced the Apple Music Voice Plan, a new subscription tier for Apple Music designed around the power of Siri. The Apple Music Voice Plan offers subscribers access to the service's catalog of 90 million songs; tens of thousands of playlists, including hundreds of brand new mood and activity playlists, personalized mixes, and genre stations; as well as the award-winning Apple Music Radio — all through Siri for just $4.99 per month.

MacStories has the full list of available playlists that have been found so far.