Apple Music's new YouTube ad shows the power of Spatial Audio

What you need to know

  • Apple Music has shared a new ad to YouTube, all about the new Spatial Audio feature.
  • Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos is available as a free upgrade for existing Apple Music subscribers.

It's a typical Apple ad, too.

Apple Music today shared a new YouTube ad that's all about showing off the power of Spatial Audio.

The ad, which is embedded below, features the Masego & Don Toliver song Mystery Lady.

Check it out.

Hear sound all around with Spatial Audio ft. Dolby Atmos. Now on Apple Music. Experience Spatial Audio now on Apple Music

Apple's Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos implementation takes music beyond the stereo we're used to and makes everything feel very much like it's being played in a 3D world.

This is how recording artist Gustavo Dudamel explains it:

There are no words to describe the immersive, overpowering experience of being a conductor, leading a performance of Mahler's towering 'Symphony of a Thousand.' But now, technology is advancing to bring that experience closer to our ears, our minds, and our souls. Share with me this monumental, live performance with my beloved Los Angeles Philharmonic, remastered in Dolby Atmos audio technology for the first time on Apple Music alongside my collection of Deutsche Grammophon recordings with the LA Phil, in rich, remarkable 3D sound.

We've shown you how to turn on Spatial audio already and it's absolutely something I'd recommend doing. We've also outlined exactly what you need for Dolby Atmos to function, too.

Need to get your hands on the best headphones for Dolby Atmos and Apple Music? I'm a big fan of the AirPods Max but any of the headphones in our list will do the job well.