Apple 'leads by example' on climate, says chief Lisa Jackson

"Business leaders have a responsibility to do right by the planet."

What you need to know

  • Lisa Jackson has given an interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • She said that Apple leads by example when it comes to climate and sustainability.
  • She also said Apple wants to be a corporate leader in recycling and reusing materials.

Apple's Lisa Jackson has told Arnold Schwarzenegger that the company leads by example when it comes to climate and sustainability, in an interview at the Austrian World Summit.

As reported by Euro News:

In a rare interview, Lisa Jackson sat down with us to talk about Apple's sustainability plans. Formerly the head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under President Barack Obama, Jackson now reports directly to CEO Tim Cook, helping to shape and implement the company's green policies.

Jackson told Arnie "we lead by example", and that Apple had demonstrated how a company "as big and as far-reaching as ours can go carbon neutral." She also hailed how 110 of its suppliers had come on board to use clean energy and achieve carbon neutrality:

"The reason that they're willing to do that is they know Apple as a company has the experience and has done it. And we've promised to be there alongside them, with the know-how - and sometimes financing - to ensure that the change over to clean energy is good for their business."

Jackson also talked about "closing the loop" when it comes to extracting resources from the earth, Apple's ultimate goal is to make products that don't draw on any newly mined elements. She said that through innovation and investment Apple could separate components, remove materials, and get them back in the supply chain.

Jackson said that Apple wants to go further not just in sustainably sourcing material, but also in reusing and recycling it:

"Apple is happy to take on the leadership role here, but it's incumbent on all of us to enable material to be reused and recycled, because we only have one planet and one set of resources - so we all need to make the most efficient and practical use of them that we can!