Apple launches Advanced Fraud Protection for Apple Card

What you need to know

  • Apple has launched Advanced Fraud Protection, a new security feature for Apple Card.
  • The feature will continuously change the three-digit security code for your card.
  • It will not affect recurring payments you have already set up.

Even Apple Card is getting in on iOS 15.

With iOS 15 releasing earlier today, you may have missed a significant update to the security of Apple Card.

In a new support document on the Apple Support website, the company details a new feature for its credit card called Advanced Fraud Protection. According to Apple, if turned on, the three-digit security code for your Apple Card will continuously change when it is viewed in the Wallet app or when it has been auto-filled for a transaction in Safari.

What's even cooler is that this will not affect any recurring payments that you use your Apple Card for as those merchants only need the three-digit code with the first payment.

Advanced Fraud Protection is a way to keep your Apple Card information even more secure. After turning on Advanced Fraud Protection, your three-digit Apple Card security code will change periodically after it's been viewed in the Wallet app or after it's been auto-filled from Safari.

You should check your security code each time you want to make a purchase with Apple Card to be sure you're using the most up-to-date code. You can also use Advanced Fraud Protection without affecting your recurring purchases and subscriptions, such as streaming services or memberships, because these merchants use your security code to authorize payment just once when you first sign up.

This will mean that you'll have to check your Apple Card for all one-time purchases going forward as your three-digit code will continue to change, so make sure to check the Wallet app before you make a purchase. While some may view this as inconvenient, it is another step in making Apple Card more private and secure for its users.

You can turn on Advanced Fraud Protection in the Wallet app on iPhone and iPad under your Apple Card settings now. once you do, you can tap on the numbers icon to see what your most up-to-date security code is whenever you need it.