Apple issues Podcasts fixes in iOS 14.6 beta

iOS 14.5 brought with it a slew of issues.

What you need to know

  • Apple really screwed up the Podcasts app with iOS 14.5.
  • It appears to have rectified some of these issues with the latest beta.
  • A new report says iOS 14.6 has returned the 'Remove downloads' and 'Mark all episodes as Played' buttons.

A new report says Apple has fixed some of the issues with the Podcasts app in the latest iOS 14 beta.

From MacRumors:

Apple has added a number of features to its Podcasts app in the third beta of iOS 14.6, seemingly in an attempt to address some of the useability problems introduced in iOS 14.5. MacRumors contributor Steve Moser spotted the Podcasts app changes in iOS 14.6 beta 3 and its source code, which include new features for marking all episodes as played, removing downloads, and recovering episodes.

According to Moser, the 'Mark All as Played' option and the 'Remove Downloads' button have returned in the latest beta. Apple is also reportedly letting users access their previous library from prior to the iOS 14.5 update.

The public release of iOS 14.5 brought a lot of these problems to light, from an April report:

Apple's latest iOS 14 update, which brings with it a new Apple Podcasts Subscriptions service, appears to have broken the Apple Podcasts app in all kinds of different ways.

Noted by MacRumors, a slew of bugs and issues appear to have come to light following the update:

In spite of redesigning its Podcasts app with iOS 14.5, long-standing bugs within the app persist, and Apple has introduced a range of new crippling usability problems, according to hundreds of reports from users across Twitter and Reddit.

It emerged earlier today that Apple's new Podcasts Subscriptions service would include Wondery+ when it launches later this month.