Apple highlights Canadian artists in new 'Behind the Mac' ad

What you need to know

  • Apple has released its latest Behind the Mac ad.
  • The new ad features a number of artists and creatives in the Candian music scene.

Canada brings the music in the latest Behind the Mac ad.

Apple has released its latest Behind the Mac ad and this one is all about the Canadian music scene.

The new ad, which was uploaded to the company's Canadian YouTube channel, highlights the people that add to the music culture in the country.

Behind the Mac, Canadians are making a major impact on global music culture through their creativity. And doing it on a Mac.

If you enjoyed the music in the new ad, it is "Hot," a new single from Freq Motif & Just John. You can check it out on Apple Music below:

Apple's Behind the Mac ads are iconic and the company has continued to release them highlighting a number of creatives that use the computers. From Bono to Pharrell to Lady Gaga, a ton of composers, artists, directors, and others have made their way into one of the ads over the years.

It almost seems that Apple has been releasing more Behind the Mac ads lately. The Mac as a whole is going through a bit of a revolution since the company announced the new Apple Silicon processors and released the first Macs with the new chips last year.

This year, Apple has already announced and released the new iMac with its complete and colorful redesign. The company is also expected to announce the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro sometime this fall which is also rumored to feature a complete redesign that includes a new M-Series processor as well as upgrades to the display and ports.

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