This is the Apple Glass we'd get if Steve Jobs was still around

What you need to know

  • Apple is rumored to be working on smart glasses of some kind.
  • This concept is based on the glasses Steve Jobs wore.

They're just like his famous Lunor Classic Round PP glasses.

Nobody was better than Steve Jobs when it came to announcing breakthrough new products so it stands to reason he'd be his usual showman self when announcing Apple Glass. A new concept imagines what Apple's rumored smart glasses could look like if Steve Jobs was around to have a hand in them.

Jobs was famous for wearing Lunor Classic Round PP glasses and this design by Antonio De Rosa used that base to create a collection of truly stunning images.

This concept is an homage to the Lunor Classic PP wore by Steve Jobs. The Apple Glass has six cameras, eye tracking, hand and gesture recognition, food and calories detection, and charger "AirPod" style. Just a concept!

Typically minimalist, the Apple Glass concept shows a pair of glasses that can be charged in a charging case that's very similar to that of AirPods and AirPods Pro.

There's obviously very little chance that any Apple Glass v1 product will look anything like this, mainly thanks to technical limitations. But something like this would be great, eventually. I know I'd be all on — would you?

You can see more of De Rosa's stunning images on their website — they're well worth a glance.

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You know. Just until Apple Glass ships.