Apple Developer Academy expands to Detroit and Korea with two programs

What you need to know

  • Apple has expanded its Developer Academy to two new locations in Detroit and Korea.
  • Courses running one month and one year are available.

this is the first time an academy has opened in the United States.

Apple today announced that it is opening new developer academies in Detroit and Korea. The move to Michigan will be the first time such an academy has landed on United States soil.

Apple says that there are two different courses available to those looking to learn about developing for Apple's ecosystem – one runs for 30 days while another can run up to 12 months with the latter going deeper into "coding and professional skills."

The first Apple Developer Academy opened in Brazil in 2013, with the goal of providing the tools and training for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and designers to find and create jobs in the thriving iOS app economy. Since then, the company has opened more than a dozen academies across the world with two more on the way: one in Korea, and one in Detroit, Michigan, the first-ever US location.

The program has empowered students around the world with app development and entrepreneurial training, many of whom have gone on to start their own businesses, create and sell apps on the App Store, and give back to their communities. With the expansion plans underway, thousands more students worldwide will now have access to these opportunities each year.

The two new sites will join "more than a dozen other sites in Brazil, Indonesia, and Italy," Apple pointed out in its press release.

Anyone keen to join one of the academies can apply online and Apple even outlines what it wants from applicants during the process, too.