Grab one of Anker's best slim battery packs for a low price for Prime Day!

Portable battery packs have become a necessity in daily life, and is something that you should have on you in your everyday carry. But sometimes they're too bulky, making it a pain to carry around with you. But with the Anker 18W PowerCore Slim 10000 PD, you get tons of juice and fast power delivery in one super slim package.

Anker makes some of the best portable battery packs in the market, and the fantastic PowerCore Slim 10000 PD is one of those. But with Prime Day, you can save up to 37% off select colors, with the cheapest option being just $18.98. Some other colors are 33% off at $19.99. Regardless, these are excellent portable battery packs, and with these prices, it's definitely one of the best Prime Day iPhone deals we've seen.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD 18W | 37% off at Amazon

From $18.98 at Amazon

The PowerCore Slim is one of the slimmer portable battery packs out there, and it provides up to 18W Power Delivery output with rapid recharge capabilities.

I have a lot of the best portable battery packs at home, but some of my most preferred ones that I use regularly come from Anker. I have the PowerCore Slim 10000 PD in my regular rotation, and it's definitely one of my favorites.

With the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD, you get 10000mAh of power packed into a fairly skinny package. Since it has a 10000mAh capacity, you can get about two full charges for your iPhone, or about one full charge for an 11-inch iPad Pro. And once the battery pack is depleted, you can plug it in with a USB-C cable and USB-C PD wall charger (not included), and it only takes four and a half hours to fully charge up. If you don't have something like one of the best iPhone 12 wall chargers for USB-C charging, then it will take about 10.2 hours with a standard USB-A power adapter.

As far as powering up your devices goes, there are two ports on the PowerCore Slim: one standard USB-A with PowerIQ, and one USB-C Power Delivery. Thanks to the Power Delivery port, you can get a maximum of 18W output. This means your iPhone should be able to take advantage of fast charging, which is 2.5x faster than standard battery packs. There is also trickle charging for low-power devices, and you can charge two devices simultaneously without issue.

If you're concerned about looks, the PowerCore Slim 10000 PD looks sleek thanks to the fabric textured exterior and several color options. The power button is large and can't be missed, and also integrates with the LED indicators for battery status.

Again, Anker's PowerCore Slim 10000 PD is one of my regularly used power banks, and it is on sale for an incredible price right now. It's definitely one of the best Prime Day iPad deals that can't be missed, so make sure to grab one right now! And for more Prime Day savings, make sure to check out all of the other deals we've found.