Who is Katrina and how does fortune telling work in ACNH?

I see it now... Katrina will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Oct. 15 was the day Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have been waiting for. Why? We finally got news that a massive update is on the way. While Brewster and the Roost were initially teased in the September Nintendo Direct, we received so much more than just a coffee shop and a well-loved NPC in the announcement.

Along with new items, cooking, and so many more details, Nintendo revealed that a merchant's village will be added to Harv's Island. With this new addition comes plenty of recognizable faces, including the mysterious Katrina, who has been an Animal Crossing staple from the beginning. While it's surprising she wasn't included in New Horizons from the start, she'll be a part of the Merchant Village expansion come Nov. 5. So, who is Katrina, and what role does she play? Let's look into the crystal ball and find out.

Who is Katrina?

Katrina is Animal Crossing's resident panther. This navy blue big cat is a stereotypical fortune teller, usually spotted wearing a robe, headdress, and gold bangles. Also, her birthday is on Oct. 28. Since the first Animal Crossing title, and likely in New Horizons, her skill is telling fortunes for a small fee.

Depending on the game, the price ranges from 50-500 Bells for a fortune. Katrina will also offer other spooky services, like charms or removing curses for a not-so-small fee. Believe it or not, Katrina's fortunes can actually impact your game, or at least they have in the past.

Fortunes can have various effects. Specific villagers may become more drawn to you or avoid you altogether. You may also find yourself very lucky, receiving unexpected bells and rare items. Other times, the outcome is very unlucky, and you'll fall flat on your face. It's also possible that absolutely nothing willl happen. Your mileage varies depending on Katrina's prediction. You can determine by what she says during the prediction.

What is Katrina's role in Animal Crossing?

Katrina's role across the Animal Crossing series has pretty much remained the same. Katrina's fortune shop would appear in various places, and players could visit her for a fortune. However, where she showed up and the fortune's cost would change from game to game. In the original Animal Crossing, Katrina's tent would appear randomly in rotation with the other shops. She would charge 50 bells per fortune.

In Wild World, instead of appearing in different spots, Katrina's tent would spawn in front of the Town Hall once per month. Players will either have good luck, bad luck, or things may remain neutral. Her price increased to 100 bells per fortune, wherein she would predict tomorrow's future. For a modest fee of 10,000 bells, the panther could cleanse your spirit, stopping you from tripping, or for100 bells, she would tell you how compatible you are with someone else.

In City Folk, Katrina took up shop in a building instead of a tent. If you input your birthday, she would tell you your Zodiac sign and perform a few spiritual tasks. Katrina could predict your fortune once a week, and it would last for the day, or she can cast a charm that lasts the whole month if you perform a task for her. The trouble is, you can't do the task, somebody else has to. You're going to need a visiting player to obtain the charm. Unfortunately, since the Wi-Fi connection for City Folk is no more, you won't be able to get the charms.

In New Leaf, Katrina left the shop behind for the tent again. She would appear in the event plaza randomly and charge 500 bells for a fortune. However, after reading 20 fortunes and speaking to the town's mayor, Katrina opened shop again on the Main Street through a Public Works Project, much like Brewster's Roost. From there, players could have their fortunes told daily through her or the Lovely Phone.

Katrina in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Get excited, folks! If you've been craving some spooky fortunes or curses, your time has come. Katrina will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the Nov. 5 update, along with so much more. She'll be bringing her fortune-telling to the merchant's village on Harv's island, though it's uncertain how her fortunes will work right now.

If you want to obtain her poster, you can also use her amiibo card; that is, if you can find it.

The future looks bright

November is a month full of promise. Between the update, the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, and the new Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC, Animal Crossing fans will have plenty to do. Just remember, the crystal knows all, and bad times... are just times that are bad.