Amazon reportedly mulling low-cost Apple Watch alternative for kids

What you need to know

  • Amazon is reportedly considering an Alexa wearable designed for kids.
  • It would be aimed at kids between 4 and 12.

Amazon was planning the move back in 2019 but it isn't clear whether it's still in the cards.

Amazon reportedly planned to launch a tracker of some sort that would be aimed at kids between the ages of 4 and 12. The company was mulling the launch as far back as 2019, with a launch planned to happen at some point last year but it never happened.

The device could have taken the form of a band, keychain, or clip according to a Bloomberg report. Being Amazon, there would also have been an Alexa component as well.

Codenamed Seeker, the GPS-equipped device would be geared toward kids aged 4 to 12 and could take the form of a wristband, keychain or clip, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg. The voice-activated wearable would provide access to Amazon's children-focused content and let parents communicate with and monitor their kids.

Amazon reportedly planned to launch the product at the competitive $99 price point including cellular access as well as a year's subscription to the FreeTime Unlimited service — a service that has since been rebranded to Kids+.

At this point it isn't clear whether the device is still in the works or if Amazon canned it, but it would potentially have been a great way to keep track of kids without having to splash out on an Apple Watch. Even with some great Apple Watch deals available, it's still a costly purchase. Amazon's $99 tracker would have been much easier to swallow for parents — especially those with multiple kids to keep an eye on.