Amazon the latest to leak Beats Studio Buds ahead of launch

What you need to know

  • Amazon has leaked the Beats Studio Buds ahead of an expected announcement today.
  • The retailer is showing a sponsored link and promo video in its iPhone app.

Just announce them already.

Amazon is the latest to leak the unannounced but very leaked Beats Studio Buds earbuds.

Having already popped up on Best Buy's webpage after weeks of presumably planned leaks, Amazon has managed to share a link to the product in its iPhone app along with a video showing off the earbuds' features.

In a post to Reddit, one Imgur user has been able to share not just a screenshot of the product appearing in search listings, but also the promo video that's running alongside it.

Amazon Video for Beats Studio Buds

That promo video confirms the features we've been expecting including active noise canceling technology. We're also told to expect up to 24 hours of battery life thanks to the included battery case, too.

All of this is pretty much what we expected, as is the now pretty much confirmed asking price of $149.95. We don't know exactly which colors are available, but we've seen black, red, and white variants so those look pretty locked in at this point. It's also two more colors than AirPods Pro are available in!

Still, if you prefer the white the AirPods Pro are still a great option. We have the very best AirPods Pro deals you're likely to find online, so make sure to check before placing your order.

All signs now point to the Beats Studio Buds being announced sooner rather than later – likely as soon as today.