Listen up! AirPods Pro are just $190 right now for Prime Day

If you've been scouring the best Prime Day AirPods deals looking for a steal on Apple AirPods Pro, now's your time. Apple's flagship in-ear headphones, the AirPods Pro, are $59 off. While they share the iconic Apple look with the regular AirPods, the AirPods Pro take it a step further with better fit options and several additional features.

Apple AirPods Pro | $59 off

$190 at Amazon

Apple's premier in-ear headphones sound amazing, switch seamlessly between your Apple devices, offer Active Noise Cancelling, and Transparency Mode.

AirPods Pro comes with three sizes of silicone earbud tips for better fit and comfort. The microphone placement is perfect for phone call clarity. The H1 chip means that you can connect to any of your Apple devices and switch between them without pairing and re-pairing. Deep integration with Siri means you can literally whisper your request to Siri, and your digital assistant will respond. With the charging case, you'll get about 24 hours worth of battery life before needed to recharge the case.

Active noise canceling (ANC) is a big reason why people choose the AirPods Pro over regular AirPods. The ability to block out background noise is amazing. AirPods Pro also has a Transparency Mode, which is basically the opposite of ANC. If you're using AirPods Pro while running or walking outdoors, for example, you need to be able to hear the outside world for safety reasons.

There are many excellent true wireless earbuds out there now, at a wide range of price points. Many will sound as good as AirPods Pro or possibly even better. However, the one feature that no other earbuds can offer, not even the Beats Studio Buds, is the ability to switch between your Apple devices effortlessly, without having to disconnect and reconnect each device each time.