AirPods Max deal sees lowest-ever price on Amazon

We've been waiting some time to see the best AirPods deal on Apple's AirPods Max, and it's finally here. Right now you can get the AirPods Max at $60 off on Amazon new in three colors, Pink, Sky Blue, and Space Gray. The Green and Silver colors are also available with slightly less discount, at just over $500.

AirPods Max | $60 off

AirPods Max have been pretty hard to find since their release, though supply seems to be catching up with demand now and the discounts have started. Order at Amazon soon and you can save as much as $60.

$489 at Amazon

This new low price of $489 is the biggest discount we've seen on AirPods Max yet! Apple's AirPods Max are the perfect headphones for enjoying spatial audio and lossless audio on Apple Music and are great for traveling and relaxing whilst listening to music. From our review:

The AirPods Max are the best headphones that I currently own. The sound on these are fantastic — the soundstage is amazing and makes you feel like you're up front in a concert hall, so you can really make out all of the tiny details in your music. And if you've ever wanted to have your music louder, the AirPods Max have zero distortion at max volumes, so you can blast them as loud as you want (just be wary of the audio bleed around others). The ANC is even better than the AirPods Pro, which was already impressive, and Spatial Audio is pretty mind-blowing, though it's something that you really need to experience first-hand to understand. If you plan on using AirPods Max for audio or video calls, then understand that the nine mic array works great to make you sound as best you can, but others will still be able to tell that you're using a headset.

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