Anker Powerline II cables add color to your charger, and they're on sale

If you have the best iPhone or an older iPad that doesn't use USB-C to charge yet, then you are always in need of a Lightning cable. But one of the most well known facts of the universe is that Apple's own Lightning cables suck. Anker is a brand we always prefer when it comes to power accessories, including Lightning cables. With the Powerline II cables, which are MFi certified, you get long-lasting durability and they come in 3- and 6-foot lengths. That's right, you can plug your phone in and still comfortably use it while in bed or on the couch!

Since it's Prime Day, you can grab various colors and sizes of the Powerline II Lightning cables for less. The Powerline II cables are $10.39, which is 20% off from the standard $12.99 price for the 3-foot version, or $11.99 for the 6-foot version.

Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable | 20% off at Amazon

From $10.39 at Amazon

Anker's Powerline II Lightning cables provide the fastest charging speeds, last 12x longer than standard Lightning cables, and can withstand over 12,000 bends.

Here at iMore, one of our preferred brands when it comes to power accessories, including Lightning cables, is Anker. I personally have bought nothing but Anker Lightning cables, including the Powerline series, and I could not be happier. I love the fact that its cables come in different colors and lengths, from the standard 3-feet to 6-feet and even 10-feet for certain versions.

The Powerline II comes in four colors: black, blue, red, and white. Having some variety in terms of color means you can pick your favorite, or just have something to make your cable stand out from the sea of white cables out there. It comes in 3-feet and 6-feet lengths, so you can have one to use at your desk and another on your bedside or while you're on the couch. The Powerline II is reinforced so that the internal wiring can support over 175 pounds of pressure, and it lasted through 12,000 bends in stress tests.

The Powerline II is MFi certified, so you get the fastest possible charging speeds. With this new low price for Prime Day, you can probably afford to pick up more than one, ensuring that there is always a Lightning cable nearby in the house when you need it. And if you pick multiple colors, it helps you differentiate which cable belongs to who.

Do keep in mind that the Powerline II uses the older USB standard port to plug in, and not USB-C. If you want the USB-C Power Delivery speeds with certain iPhone 12 chargers and battery packs, you'll want to make sure to take a look at the best USB-C-to-Lightning cables.

We enjoy Anker Powerline cables regardless, and this new low price makes it one of the best Prime Day iPhone deals we've seen. For more savings, make sure to check out the other great Prime Day deals we've found for you!