Don't wait, these AirTag accessory deals won't be here much longer

I hope you've been enjoying your AirTag(s) as much as I have; it's been a treat being able to keep track of my important stuff with a glance at my iPhone! If you've been waiting for Amazon Prime Day to purchase accessories for your Apple AirTag, now's your chance. So many AirTag accessories are marked down for Prime Day but won't be much longer, so grab 'em while they're on sale.

Rantice Apple AirTag Keychain Case (4-Pack) | 64% off

$5 at Amazon

You read that right, that's actually less than $5 for a four-pack of AirTag holders, making them a buck and change apiece. I've done quite a bit of research on AirTag accessories and this is the cheapest I've seen.

BELONGME AirTags Keychain Case (4-pack) | 27% off

$11 at Amazon

Grab a four-pack of these basic keychain cases in neutral colors. You also get clear protective stickers included, so your AirTags don't get scratched (they do indeed scratch up easily without these.)

TILIXI Pet Collar AirTag Case | 20% off

$6 at Amazon

Apple doesn't recommend using AirTag as a pet tracker, but if you're so inclined, this attaches the AirTag securely to your pet's collar so it's not dangling around.

Pinzoveno Leather Case for Apple Airtag | 54% off

$3 at Amazon

I find that I prefer the snap-style keychain for security. The AirTag is snapped into place so it can't slip out. This one is just basic black, but it sure is cheap at the moment.

MES MERRY 4-Pack Rainbow Loop Holder Case for Apple AirTag | 40% off

$12 at Amazon

Get four of these soft silicone snap-style AirTag cases plus six protective films to prevent scratches for one low price. Each case is a different colorful rainbow shade.

Lots of folks were mad when the AirTag was released without a hole or any mode of attachment without using some kind of accessory. I didn't mind too much, though, because it just gave me an excuse to accessorize my latest Apple purchase! Whichever kind of accessory you choose, don't wait, because these prices will only last for a few more hours.